02/21/2018 Volunteers Help Elders Remain in Homes Safely

One day after work, Anna came home to bad news. Yakama Nation Housing was going to close down the housing project where she and her family lived. There were roughly 90 families who needed to find new housing within the next two months.  

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02/21/2018 Homeless Mom Receives a Hand Up through Young Adult Housing Services

Isabel hasn’t had an easy life, but in spite of that, the articulate 23-year-old knew that it was up to her to make a better life for herself and her two toddlers. When she learned about Catholic Charities’ Young Adult Housing Services (YAHS), she recognized it was a way up and out of her difficult situation. 

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02/21/2018 From Domestic Violence to Independence

Kayla has endured a great deal of pain in her 19 years; much of it at the hands of her own mother and other family members.  To get away, she found herself in the homeless encampment in Yakima. As a single mother, she is determined to find a way out of the violence and dysfunction that has always surrounded her.

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02/21/2018 New Mental Health Division Director Named

Chris De Villeneuve has been named the Division Director of Mental Health Services for Catholic Charities (CC).With 25 years in the field of behavioral health and primary care, Chris brings a wealth of experience to his new position.

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05/26/2017 Champoux honored for 50th anniversary

Yakima Herald-Republic, YAKIMA, Wash. -- After passing the half century mark, now there are even more honors. The Rev. Tom Champoux is celebrating the 50th anniversary of his ordination as a priest. Champoux, a Yakima native, is pastor of Christ the King Catholic Church in Richland. He was honored recently at his parish with news that Pope Francis had named him a Chaplain to His Holiness, with the honorary title of Monsignor. The surprise announcement was delivered by Bishop Joseph Tyson. In his homily to parishioners, Tyson said, “Father Tom Champoux has embodied ... God’s grace in concrete acts of charity and kindness and, you, by bringing him your challenges, have shaped and formed him as a priest who gives you ‘a reason for your hope.’”

Champoux served as director of Catholic Charities until 1996 and has continued as chairman of the board of trustees.

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