12/13/2017 Latest Issue of Hope Newsletter

Fall 2017 Newsletter

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10/02/2017 Report to Community Now out in Homes


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04/19/2018 St. Vincent Centers in Kennewick Host Back to School Clothing Giveaway for Kids

On August 12, more than 350 children received free school clothes at St. Vincent Centers' in Kennewick during the thrift shop's back-to-school event. Children were given two outfits of clothing and a pair of shoes. 

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04/19/2018 CBT Counseling Helps Teen through Depression

Gemma used to wake up every morning and wonder if there was any point in getting out of bed and starting her day. On the surface, the 16-year-old seemed to have a great life. She had a supportive family, good grades, and many friends. But she began to feel “off” about a year ago. 

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04/19/2018 Volunteers Help Elders Remain in Homes Safely

One day after work, Anna came home to bad news. Yakama Nation Housing was going to close down the housing project where she and her family lived. There were roughly 90 families who needed to find new housing within the next two months.  

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