04/27/2018 Yakima Senior Rental Housing Aces HUD Inspection

Good news for Rose of Mary Terrace! The Catholic Charities Housing Services’ Yakima property received 100% on its REAC Inspection (HUD inspection). The management team was presented an award from HUD Denver at the Affordable Housing Management Association conference.

Rose of Mary Terrace offers affordable, quality rental housing for low-income seniors 62 years of age and older. Senior housing is supported by special service programs to help create an enriched, community-centered environment.

Mary Ellen McFarlane (Account Executive Branch Chief, HUD MF West Region), Magali Barajas (Regional Manager, Coast Real Estate Services), Sylvia Reihs (Community Manager, Rose of Mary Terrace, Coast Real Estate Services), Holly Anderson (Development & Asset Management Director, Catholic Charities Housing Services), Terre Jones (Account Executive Branch Chief, HUD MF West Region).