Light of Hope Fund/COVID-19 Response

Give help and hope to those in Need

In this time of darkness, you can shine the Light of Hope on those most affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Businesses are closed. Budgets are being stretched by layoffs and smaller paychecks. Families are struggling to pay for care for children who are not in school.

We’re all coping with the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring, but some of us are in despair. Won’t you share your blessings by contributing to the Light of Hope Fund? 100% of your donation will help children, families, and elders most in need throughout our seven-county service area. Great thanks to the Yakima Valley Community Foundation for awarding Catholic Charities an $8,000 Resilience and Response Fund Grant to the Light of Hope Fund! This grant is the result of a funding partnership with United Way of Central Washington, the Latino Community Fund, and the Yakima Valley Community Foundation.

Christ is our light. Please help Him shine His light in the darkness we feel today.

Please donate today.