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09/10/2021 Blog: Rental Assistance Available in Yakima County

Did you get behind on rent payments over the past year because of COVID-19? You’re not alone. Over 11 million people are behind on rent across the US due to COVID, and one in five of those people have children.

During COVID, landlords in Washington state were not allowed to evict people who couldn’t make rent – but this will change on September 30, 2021. After that day, your landlord will be allowed to evict you if you aren’t current on your rent.

Fortunately, Congress recently approved $46 billion in rental assistance, with $28 million of that dedicated to the Yakima Valley. Catholic Charities is one of five agencies in Yakima chosen to fairly distribute these funds to local renters in need.

If you are behind on rent payments, you might be able to have your rent debt paid through this rental assistance program. You can receive up to 12 months of past rental payments. This rental relief program only pays for past rent debt due to your landlord (it can’t be used for future rent payments).

How to Apply

Learn more about this program and apply by clicking here: If you’re facing eviction, applying with more than one agency will give you the best chance of being selected. Find out about other agencies participating in this program on Yakima County’s website:

Eligibility Requirements

All adults 18+ can apply, and you must meet certain income levels to qualify for this program. If you’re renting from a friend or family member, you can still apply as long as you have a rental agreement with the property owner.

If you are selected to receive rental help, the money will be given directly to your landlord to pay your past rent.

The program ends in December 2021, so if you need rental help you should apply as soon as possible.

Not Sure if You Qualify?

The following are just example family sizes - please see for a full list of eligible household sizes.

How are Funds Distributed?

To ensure fair distribution of funds, rental assistance will be given through a lottery-type system. Each week, Yakima County will randomly select from everyone who applied to receive funds. This is to ensure no one agency—or landlord—receives all of the funds before others get the opportunity to apply. Applying early increases your chances of being selected.

Learn more about this program and apply by clicking here:

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