Hope to Find a Family Home

Catholic Charities cares about helping people break the cycle of poverty. Through affordable housing, homeownership, and a variety of resident services, we aim to reduce poverty in the communities we serve.

Affordable Housing

Stable housing is one of the most critical basic needs facing families these days. There aren’t enough affordable rental properties available to serve the number of people looking for accommodations. Skyrocketing home prices and limited inventory has made it very difficult for first time home buyers or those with limited incomes to find a property they can afford.

Catholic Charities Housing Services (CCHS) is helping fill this need by building affordable multifamily rental properties throughout central Washington for low-income families, farmworkers, seniors, and those experiencing homelessness. We also offer programs to help families build single family homes of their own through “sweat equity” to offset the overwhelming cost of purchasing a home in today’s volatile housing market.

Learn more about our housing options below.