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07/26/2021 Summer 2021 Hope Newsletter

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07/08/2021 Blog: Companionship can counter the impacts of loneliness and isolation

After over a year of isolation and limited exposure to people outside of our immediate families due to COVID-19, we all have a better understanding of the importance of social connection. Unfortunately, for some, this lack of connection may not improve even after COVID-19 passes. Every day seniors throughout Central Washington live alone and in isolation—resulting in significant impacts on emotional and physical well-being.

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06/08/2021 Blog: Aging in Place – helping seniors grow old in their own home

Did you know that the US Department of Health and Human Services estimates that over 70% of adults living past the age of 65 years will eventually need some form of long-term care services and support? You’ve probably seen the ads on television for senior living facilities or in-home aides. These types of services have become big business. But not all seniors can afford in-home aides or have the desire to give up the family home where they are comfortable and independent. That is why the National Institute on Aging (NIA) promotes a concept called “aging in place.” Aging in place is the concept of helping seniors find tools and resources to grow old in their own homes, maintaining their independence for as long as possible. NIA has developed a website, click here to help seniors prepare to accommodate for the eventual need for long-term care at home.

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06/01/2021 Blog: Physical Fitness Key to Maintaining Health as We Age

For seniors, staying physically active has many mental and physical health

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02/16/2021 2020 Report to the Community

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