Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe)

WISe is a high-intensity, wrap-around behavioral health therapy for children 0-5 with strong behaviors causing stress within the family. If you have tried other behavioral health therapies without success, this program can help. A child and family therapist will conduct a Child Adolescent Needs and Strengths Assessment (CANS) to determine if WISe would benefit you and your family.

Through WISe, a multi-disciplinary team works with your family in the most comfortable location for you, such as at home, in a care provider’s office, or at school. The WISe team typically includes a therapist, care coordinator, and family partner who work together to address the needs of your child and family. Together, you’ll set goals and develop individualized care plans to work toward those goals.

To make a referral to WISe fill out the referral form HERE.

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Contact & Information


Eligibility: Children ages 0-5 and a parent or guardian

Cost: Covered by Medicaid

Commitment: Intensive up to 10 hours per month

Referral form: Call the agency to request services

Contact: (509) 965-7100

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