Valley Intervention Program (VIP)

The Valley Interventional Program at Catholic Charities teaches you strategies for correcting your child’s challenging behaviors. As a caregiver, you get to work with a highly trained child and family therapist, along with support staff, to learn positive behavior management skills, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy +, that allows you to regain control of your child’s behaviors. Collaborative work with other providers in the community take place as needed. BHS (Catholic Charities Behavioral Health) professionals can also help your family connect to additional resources at Catholic Charities or in the community to help create a stronger, healthier home environment.


Contact & Information


Eligibility: Children ages 2-6 and a parent or guardian

Cost: Covered by insurance, sliding scale

Commitment: Hourlong sessions, as long as needed

Referral form: Self-referral, school, physician

Contact: (509) 965-7100

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