Services for Homeless

If you find yourself homeless, there is a hotline to help and connect you to the resources you need which may include a shelter, transitional housing, or permanent supportive housing.

Coordinated Entry Low-Income Housing Hotline:
(509) 436-9086

Online at

Catholic Charities provides outreach to physically homeless individuals in Chelan and Douglas Counties with mental health or substance use challenges. We support homeless individuals with essential items such as water, snacks, hygiene items, and provide them with information about our local resources including available housing programs to support them in becoming housed. We can support clients with short term rental subsidies to assist them in becoming housed and connect them with Substance Use Disorder and/or Mental Health treatment.

Call for Homeless services:
(509) 662-6761

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Chelan and Douglas Counties

Contact: (509) 662-6761

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