If you are suicidal or in crisis, please call (800) 852-2923

Behavioral Health Crisis

If you’re thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support, we can help. Our dedicated crisis responders are available 24/7.

We understand suicidal thoughts and feelings and can show you a path towards hope, healing, and choosing life.

We also understand that dealing with a mental health crisis can be frightening for those trying to help. Our team of providers can walk loved ones through techniques to de-escalate crisis situations, help you avoid or navigate law enforcement intervention, and get those in crisis the support and help they need to be well.

Catholic Charities crisis care includes:

  • 24/7 Crisis Intervention
  • Mobile Crisis Intervention
  • Peer Bridge Services
  • Diversion from Incarceration
  • Jail Services

Mental health professionals are available 24-hours per day, every day, to anyone experiencing a mental or emotional crisis. We can help stabilize you or your loved one and coordinate care though our behavioral health services or with other community providers. Our caring staff provides wellness checks and can connect you with a certified peer counselor that has been where you are and can help you navigate your individual situation or needs. Whether your crisis is the result of a mental health condition or substance use or abuse, our team is here to help.

Our team of mental health professionals are also available to meet you or your loved one out in the community to help manage a mental or emotional crisis. Whether at home, work, or other location we can help stabilize emotions and advocate on your behalf to de-escalate stressful situations. The Mobile Crisis Unit provides outreach throughout Douglas and Chelan countries 5-7 days a week.

Our Certified Peer Counselors understand the challenges of advocating for yourself when in crisis or dealing with the aftermath of a crisis. If you are involuntarily detained in an in-patient psychiatric unit because of a mental health crisis unrelated to drugs or alcohol, Catholic Charities Peer Counselors can help you navigate the system and create a discharge plan to get you back on your feet and managing your life.

At Catholic Charities we work closely with law enforcement to de-escalate crisis situations and encourage officers to refer those in crisis to our services rather than take them to jail. We can connect you with a designated crisis responder to help you navigate the court system and decrease the possibility of future episodes or the risk of incarceration.

If you or a loved one has mental health concerns while incarcerated, our mental health team in Grant and Chelan Counties can provide behavioral health counseling, referrals to substance use disorder programs, and other support while you are in detention.

We can also help you access community resources for your transition back into the community. We can assist with release planning by coordinating behavioral health and substance use disorder services and connecting you with housing and employment programs prior to release. Our goal is to encourage wellness, recovery, and community stabilization to help you succeed once you are integrated back into your community.

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Douglas and Chelan Counties

Eligibility: Any individual in a behavioral health crisis

Cost: Free

Contact: (800) 852-2923 or (509) 662-7105

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