Kinship: Raising a Child Not Born to You

Every child deserves the support of a loving family — even if that support comes from someone other than the child’s birth parents. Extended family members are rarely prepared to take over care of a child relative, but Catholic Charities can help you navigate the legal, financial, and emotional challenges of assuming this responsibility.

If you’ve recently become the caregiver of a young relative, Kinship Navigators can help you overcome barriers to:

  • Navigating government systems
  • Seeking legal advice
  • Receiving information
  • Enrolling students in school
  • Accessing medical coverage and care
  • Qualifying for financial support
  • Connecting to behavioral health resources

Our navigators can also help you with unexpected expenses for your child’s food, clothing, extracurricular activities, legal fees, and more once a year if qualified. Contact a Kinship Navigator to learn more or request services.

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Contact & Information

Kittitas, Yakima, Benton, Franklin, Columbia, Garfield, Asotin, and Walla Walla Counties

Eligibility: Kinship Caregivers

Cost: Free

Commitment: As needed

Contact: Mary Pleger:

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