Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management

Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners provide assessment and if required, medication to assist in the recovery process. Medications play a critical role in the treatment of various mental health conditions. The right medication can reduce or eliminate a person’s symptoms and significantly improve their quality of life.

However, the effectiveness and side effects of medications vary from person to person. That’s why monitoring medications, their side effects, and their possible interactions with other medications is critical.

At Catholic Charities, our medical providers can help you manage your medications, dosages, drug interactions, and other factors to ensure your mental health medications are as effective as possible to help you live your best active and fulfilling life.

Contact & Information

Douglas, Chelan, Yakima, Benton, and Franklin Counties

Eligibility: Individuals taking medication for mental or behavioral health conditions

Cost: Medicaid, private insurance, sliding scale

Referral form: Self-referral, mental health provider, primary care provider

Contact: (509) 662-6761

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