Limited Mobility Doesn’t Have to Limit Quality of Life

Limited mobility doesn’t have to limit quality of life

Did you know that 10% of older Americans report having some issues with mobility? This can mean not being able to walk, climb stairs, or even stand for long periods of time.

Think of how this can impact even the most basic activities of daily living—going to the grocery store, standing in line, or even getting in and out of the house.

According to the National Institute of Health, the median age for people experiencing mobility limitations ranges from 59 to 67 years. Mobility issues affect women more than men and are more common among those who are poorly educated, living alone, impoverished, or obese. These impacts on quality of life can be devastating, with over 30% of those with limited mobility experiencing depression or anxiety compared with only 3.9% of people without mobility issues.

That is why the Catholic Charities Senior Companion Program is so important. Senior companion volunteers often help seniors with mobility issues overcome some of their challenges by giving them rides to appointments, taking them for walks and getting them out of the house, or just being there—giving them a connection to the outside world they may no longer be able to experience on their own.

Catholic Charities Senior Companion program is part of AmeriCorps Seniors, a national organization that provides volunteer opportunities to seniors 55 and older, so that they can use their years of experience to support their local community. Catholic Charities

Serving Central Washington pairs senior volunteers from throughout Eastern Washington with fellow seniors in need. Volunteers can receive a small tax-free stipend for their time as well as travel reimbursement, workers compensation insurance while on the job, and the acknowledgement that they have made a significant difference in someone’s life.

Learn how you can help seniors that may no longer have the ability to get around like they used to stay connected to the world around them. Volunteer today! More at

Limited Mobility Doesn’t Have to Limit Quality of Life

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