New Program for Psychosis Treatment Available in Wenatchee

Catholic Charities has launched a program in Chelan and Douglas Counties which began in Washington State in 2015 as a treatment model for youth and young adults experiencing first-episode psychosis. New Journeys First Episode Psychosis (FEP) focuses on early intervention and treatment. A team of coordinated mental health specialists works collaboratively with clients, their families, doctors, teachers, employers, and other significant people in each client’s life. They help clients identify their personal goals and needs for recovery. The goal is for individuals experiencing their first episode of psychosis to return to meaningful activity in their job, school, home, or other areas of life.

Criteria for Clients

The Clinical Team Works to Achieve the Following:

Services Provided:

Referral Forms are available on the Catholic Charities Serving Central Washington website under New Journeys: To learn more, contact Lauren Renard, New Journeys Program Manager, at 509. 662.6761

For more information on the Washington State New Journeys programs, visit

New Program for Psychosis Treatment Available in Wenatchee

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