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04/06/2022 Los programas de vivienda de Catholic Charities ofrecen esperanza para la gente sin hogar

La gente sin hogar enfrenta tantos desafíos: desde la falta de estabilidad, miedo constante, problemas de seguridad, y el estigma asociado. Las posesiones personales o los medicamentos a menudo son robados mientras las personas sin hogar duermen y esto puede agravar los problemas de salud mental u otros problemas médicos. La violencia de noche también es un problema frecuente, por eso muchas personas sin hogar duermen durante el día cuando es más seguro para ellos.

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04/06/2022 Catholic Charities Housing Programs Offer Hope to the Homeless

Unhoused people face so many challenges: from lack of stability to constant fear and safety issues, as well as the associated stigma. Personal possessions or medications are often stolen while homeless people sleep, and this can exacerbate mental health problems or other medical issues. Violence at night is also a frequent problem, which is why many homeless people sleep during the day when it’s safer for them.

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02/22/2022 Report to the Community 2021

View the report here (PDF).

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02/06/2022 Helping Individuals with Mental Illness Improve their Quality of Life

Hope is powerful. The word alone evokes feelings of lightness and renewal, of burdens lifted and of newfound purpose.

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01/19/2022 Volunteering: The Gift That Changes You

Volunteering: The Gift That Changes You

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