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07/26/2022 Beyond the Job Description

One thing most people can agree on is job searching can be stressful and difficult. The type of job you’re looking for, your qualifications, possible locations, desired salary, all distilled into a few key search terms. All you can do is hope the terms you’ve selected are pulling in all of the postings that match your qualifications and possible opportunities.

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Laura Dow, a Catholic Charities Kinship Navigator
05/24/2022 Following the Path to a Behavioral Health Career

The one question everybody is asked when they are young is -

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04/21/2022 NVW: Richard Withers

Shortly after Richard Withers retired, he saw an advertisement in the newspaper asking for volunteers to support elderly people to stay in their homes. Richard enjoyed helping people, and he wanted to do something useful with his time, so he answered the advertisement. Years later, he is still an active volunteer with Catholic Charities’ Volunteer Services program in Ephrata.

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04/20/2022 NVW: Arlene Bergam

Arlene Bergam knows that you need to stick with an idea and see it through to reap the benefits. She has stuck with Catholic Charities (Catholic Family & Child Service to Catholic Charities Serving Central Washington) for 17 years.

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04/19/2022 Opportunities from the Great Resignation

Does it seem like everyone around you is looking for a new job? That might just be the case. So many people switched careers in 2021 that news organizations coined the trend as “The Great Resignation.” The US Department of Labor reported that over 4.4 million people left their jobs in September 2021 alone. Most stayed in the labor market and just switched careers, but others opted to stay home with children, retire early, or start their own home-based business.

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