United Way Grant Funds Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Training

Catholic Charities in the Tri-Cities was awarded a grant through the United Way of Benton and Franklin Counties to fund the training and certification of two clinicians for Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an evidence-based treatment for young children from 2-7 years with significant behavioral challenges. Parents learn strategies to help their children accept their limits, comply with their directions, respect house rules, and demonstrate appropriate behavior in public.

“It’s a hands-on coaching experience where the parents are educated with a set of skills they use to improve behavior through attention and positive interaction,” explained Carolyn Berg, clinical supervisor and PCIT International certified therapist. “There is a specific ‘time-out’ procedure in which we coach parents through a two-way mirror on those skills. The kids listen, and the relationship is super enhanced. It’s very structured, and it works.”

One of the newly certified therapists worked with a family who was overwhelmed by their 6-year-old’s substantial behavioral issues. They learned new parenting skills and applied them to their home life. When the family graduated, the child’s behavior was well-managed, and the parents felt confident.

“The mom told our therapist that she finally felt like a good mom. It’s exciting when we see the progress, and we also get to hear how it affects the parents. Sometimes they can be really hard on themselves when their kids act up,” Carolyn said.

United Way Grant Funds Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Training

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